Ninth EDCTP Forum 2018


17:00 Plenary Session IMain Auditorium
  • Plenary presentation: Growing up HIV-positive in Africa: challenges facing the continent
  • Welcome address and opening of the Ninth EDCTP Forum
18:30 EDCTP Prizes CeremonyMain Auditorium
19:40 Welcome Reception
09:00 Plenary Session IIMain Auditorium
  • Tackling public health emergencies in Africa
    Dr. John Nkengasong Director - African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Scientific Symposia
  • Clinical research for epidemic-prone infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa
    University of Oxford (UK)Main Auditorium
  • TBCAuditorium 2
  • Synergies between diagnostics and treatment studies in human African trypanosomiasis: Examples of collaboration from the DiTECT-HAT and HAT-r-ACC project
    Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi, Switzerland)Auditorium 3
  • Optimizing the impact of research partnerships for all partners – the Research Fairness Initiative (RFI)
    Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED, Switzerland)Room 1
12:00 Lunch & Posters Presentations
14:00 Parallel Sessions
  • Malaria vaccinesMain Auditorium
  • TBCAuditorium 2
  • Partnerships and Capacity buildingcAuditorium 3
  • Neglected infectious diseasesRoom 1
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Plenary Session IIIMain Auditorium
  • Discussion and recommendations on a future EDCTP programme
19:30 Conference Dinner
09:00 Plenary Session IV
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Parallell Sessions
  • Malaria treatmentAuditorium 2
  • EthicsAuditorium 3
  • TB diagnosticsRoom 1
12:30 Lunch & Meet the experts
14:00 Scientific Symposia
  • Empowering African Research Institutions through Capacity Building, Partnership and Networking
    Institut de Recherche, de Surveillance Epidémiologique et de Formation (IRESSEF, Senegal)Auditorium 2
  • Partnerships jointly making a difference for Preschool-Age Children with schistosomiasis
    Lygature (The Netherlands)Auditorium 3
  • TB vaccine development: the results of unique collaborative effort
    (TBVI, The Netherlands)Room 1
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Parallel Sessions
  • Vaccines for neglected diseasesAuditorium 2
  • Strengthening systems through partnershipsAuditorium 3
  • HIVRoom 1
09:00 Plenary Session VMain Auditorium
  • Tribute to Professor Ogobara Doumbo: Achievements and contributions to African malaria research
    Professor Djimde (Mali) Professor - University of Bamako
  • Targeting the malaria parasite: from lab innovation to new interventions
    Professor Maria Mota (Portugal) Executive Director - Instituto de Medicina Molecular
10:30 Coffee Break & Posters Presentations
11:00 Scientific Symposia
  • The Aga Khan Development Network and Foundation for Science and Technology Research Collaboration in Health, Clinical and Translational Research in Africa
    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal)Auditorium 2
  • From product development to impact: Exploring the role of operational research within the malaria R&D funding landscape
    PATH (USA)Auditorium 3
11:00 Parallel Sessions
  • TuberculosisRoom 1
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Plenary Session VIMain Auditorium
  • Closing Ceremony
14:30 Workshops
  • EDCTP2 funding: from proposal submission to final reportingAuditorium 2
  • Data sharingAuditorium 3
  • Ethics evaluation and ethics monitoring in EDCTP and H2020Room 1
09:30 Site visits to Lisbon institutions

The programme may be subject to change. If you wish to print it, please verify if the printed version is the same of the online.

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